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Can we microwave the product?

  • Our products are microwave safe (Up to 2 minutes on high) , fridge and bake safe (can withstand 350 degrees Fahrenheit for up-to 45 minutes).

  • It is not prone to cracking or braking and can resist leakage from liquids.

Will they expire? / should we use them before a certain date?

  • The products do not expire. However, since they are natural organic products, they are prone to fungus if an open pack is not used within a certain time (preferably within 2 months).

  • This is one reason why we package our products in packs of 25 so it is easier to use once opened.

Can we wash and reuse the product? Is it dishwasher safe?

  • You can wash and re-use the product for up-to 2-3 times depending on how well you dry it after the wash. We do not recommend dishwasher.

Any concerns on plant borne viruses that we should be worried about?

  • The leaves go through a rigorous cleaning process and UV sterilization before they are subjected to steam, heat and pressure to transform the leaves into dinnerware.

  • Please ensure open packages are kept in dry place and used within 2 months of opening.

Why is your product costlier than paper plates?

  • Paper plates are cheaper but many customers dislike paper products because of deforestation concerns.

  • Ours are made from organic leaves that naturally fall down. Because of this reason, our products are marginally costlier.

How are you different from other competitors?

  • Our products are made from 100% natural raw material with no added chemicals.

  • Product is back-yard compostable

  • Prices are competitive compared to other palm leaf products because we want to expand the market and we operate at scale

  • Customers love our products for its natural look and feel

What are the best practices for composting your product?

  • The palm leaves naturally break-down into compost with 30 to 60 days and are a good source of nutrients for the plants. So, you can throw them into your garden compost pile if you have one.

  • Some cities collect organic waste separately. You could toss them in the organic bin

  • The last option is to toss it in the landfill bin. They compost in less than 60 days and cause less harm.